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Grant Theft Auto Vice City Money Hack




This money is not only a rewarding reward, but also allows players to benefit from significantly reduced prices on the territory of a current player. Additionally, the possibility of creating a fleet with the player in question or operating a mercenary station in their world will also be available for purchase. This reward, however, will be available only to those players who have completed their special goals. How can you earn these assets? You can do so by completing different tasks such as: 10 hours of battles By showing your real-time fleet statistics in official tournaments As you can see, earning these tokens will provide you with the ability to unlock various other interesting content on The Center and those parts of the game that you will be able to access directly in the new release. What will be the price for a single piece of the fleet? The amount of points required to purchase a fleet is: 1 million points ($1000) – 1.2 million points ($1250) – 2 million points ($2500) 3 million points ($3750) 4 million points ($5000) 5 million points ($6250) 6 million points ($7500) 7 million points ($8750) 8 million points ($10000) 9 million points ($11250) 10 million points ($13000) 11 million points ($14250) 12 million points ($15500) 13 million points ($17000) 14 million points ($18750) 15 million points ($20000) 16 million points ($22500) 17 million points ($25000) 18 million points ($27500) 19 million points ($30000) 20 million points ($32000) 21 million points ($35250) 22 million points ($38000) 23 million points ($40000) 24 million points ($43000) 25 million points ($45750) The Center is a very extensive project that will include even more elements in the future. If you are interested in participating in it, please follow the news and the website. Good luck and welcome to the new territory of the galaxy! The Players’ Union The Players’ Union is an organization of the players of The Center. It is a community-oriented entity that organizes and



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Grant Theft Auto Vice City Money Hack

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